Pagoda 2 and MicroVee from


Just before the Polish editionof FAI world cup in Gdynia – Bartek from sent me some fresh antennas MicroVee with u.FL connector, that fits both: ImmersionRC Tramp and TBS Unify.

I had just a little time to make some nice photos, but actually those doesn’t matter. It’s how they work! And after the championships I can say with full responsibility that they work well.

During the whole competition – despite the fact that there were metal elements in the stadium that caused distortion(!), the antennas from Bartek gave me a very good picture on the whole track. Antennas are made very aesthetically and most importantly: each of them is checked before the shipment on the analyzer and the measurement results are attached to each antenna.

With the antennas – there is a set of mounting elements that make it easy to attach the antenna to the desired location on the quad.



Just before the championships Bartek designed and printed special mount for DemonRC Fury


In the package I have also found a new version of Pagoda 2, which Bartek called Stub, it is cool because of the short cord that allows you to mount the antenna near the quad, which prevents the antenna getting between the propellers during the crash.


And this is how Pagoda 2 Stub looks like on DemonRC Fury



Conclusion after several weeks of use:

Micro Vee is the ideal antenna for quads where we want to minimize the weight of the whole and fight for every gram. It works very well and when flying a quad – it gives us an unbeatable range of video signal. The picture is clean although it is a linear antenna and the suppression between this one, and the typical clover is 3dB which is quite a large number. In my case, it did not work properly because of its delicate construction. Every unexpected encounter with the ground caused the antenna to bend and eventually break down. It would not have a place like I’d fly with an HD camera that would give it a bit of protection to sudden crashes. I recommend the antenna for people who fight for each gram of weight when building their machines, it is necessary to remember that the antenna was mounted in such a way that it was least vulnerable to mechanical damage.

Pagoda 2 version Stub, with short cable, is an antenna well known to all who are dealing with FPV and racing quads. Created by Maarten Baert’s  and made available for free to everyone, files can be downloaded under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Will you say that anyone can do such an antenna? Yes, you are right, but for antennas made by , there is a very high standard of performance and something that I have not encountered in other antennas, namely practically indestructible, which is made of very strong filament and thanks to the antenna itself was pasted Permanently in the printed case – it is practically indestructible. The only thing I added was a few layers of heat shrink wrap that I put on the antenna wire for an extra anti-bending protection. With every contact with the ground it bent to the right and left, which ended up in the end of his destruction, after this procedure Pagoda 2 from I suffer and so far I failed to destroy it.

Until recently, I was flying exclusively on ImmersionRC SpiroNet RHCP antennas but with a clear conscience I can say that if anyone needs a good and powerful antenna that can handle very much it will please him Antenna Pagoda 2 from

This ishow Pagoda 2  from Bartek looks like after a few weeks of intense torture, I will add that it still works very well.