Cobra Champion 2205/2300kv motors review

The motors for this review were delivered directly by: Cobra Systems

I recently received a test and review package of the new Cobra Champion 2205 2300kv motors. Previously I have been using  Cobra CM2204 2300kv, now I am permanently flying with racer quads, which are equipped with 2205 engines.

The review I made was based on experiences with other motors on which I had the ability to fly on.

Until the last year,  I had Cobra CM2204 2300kv motors on some of my quadcopter’s – and they worked perfectly, they were very favored by pilots,  a big market success and are still sold in some stores unchanged.

The Cobra Champion 2205 2300kv motors compared to the CM2204 has been completely altered by: bell design and enlarged stator (ewhich was allowing it to hav having more power). The motors I received for the tests were packed in two pieces by box.



Weight of one motor with wires is 29g.

In the box we receive:

– 2 CP 2205 2300KV motors

– M3 screw set with pads

– self-locking M5 nuts with integrated pad

– self-locking M5 nuts with pads as in the previous version


New motors have a black bell and silver bottom. There is no logo on the bell, laser engraved “Cobra Motors”, engine code 2205/2300 and serial number.





Test setup:

  • Frame: DemonRC Fury
  • ESC: iPEAKA 25A D-Shot ESC 4-IN-1 BLHELI_S
  • Flight Controller: RotoRacer Racebace
  • Battery: Tattu 1550mAh 4S 75C
  • Propellers: DALPROP Cyclone T5046C
  • FPV: Foxeer Arrow V3 + ImmersionRC Tramp HV

The first flight took place on the track with the goal, the recording from the flight I will throw in soon as the RanCam3.


The new Cobra Champion 2205/2300 motors work very nicely, they deliver power from the bottom and have a lot more punch than the old CM2204 / 2300. The new Cobra reacts better to the throttle opening, making the quad speed much better. Cobra Champion 2205/2300 motors are the perfect compromise, they have a moderate appetite for electricity but at the same time they give you a lot of fun with their performance. By the side of the Mini Quad Test Bench Cobra Champion 2205/2300 on the HQProp 5x4x3GF propellers the motors have 1223g static thrust and the gram / watt ratio is 3: 1 which is a pretty good result.

Motors are worth recommending, I will probably change all the motors in my racers on Cobra Champion 2205/2300 soon.