RACH 5″ – racing frame from HD AirStudio


Kuba from HD Air Studio gave me the production version of RACH 5 frame for testing. Since I’m not a big fan of tower frames, at first, I was quite skeptical about the design of the quad. Once my package was delivered, I started to unbox it impatiently. Up to now I used to fly quads with a typical XT design which offer quite a lot of space onboard.

My first impression was a true WOW effect. The frame turned out to be really small, compact. Although its arms are rather thin, the whole frame is really stiff, it’s impossible to bend it with one’s hands.

I thought the frame will be delivered as a do-it-yourself set – and here comes another positive surprise – it arrived as a ready-to-fly unit. Moreover, all edges were ended gently, what makes it impossible to hurt oneself while doing some assembling works. Don’t really know whether the production unit is going to be trimmed so precisely – if yes, congratulations to the producer! I’m glad Kuba got hooked on racers, up to know he was known for his impeccable Infinity gimbals. Now the second successful production version of frames was released.

Now, let’s get down to business. The frame offers limited space for extra equipment. That’s why I came into conclusion that I needed to use components of compact size, especially ESC, because there’s no room for 4 separate ones on the quad’s thin arms.







Given the frame’s specific design, I had to select special components. The following elements can be found onboard: Racerstar RS20Ax4 20A 4in1 with Blheli_S regulator with the latest software which works smoothly with DShot300 , well-known COBRA CM2204 2300kv engines.



Polish F3 flight controller RaceBace from a RotoRacer store lies at the heart of this set. The controller has integrated OSD which works with BetaFlight firmware available in the official GUI.


The quad was equipped with a Foxeer 600TVL camera and a Foxeer TM25mW video transmitter.


The set is to be powered with a 4S 1300/1550mAh battery.







I really like this frame, it’s both compact and slim. Right now the weather makes it impossible to test the frame to the full outdoors but I’m planning to shoot a video with my FPV camera while training at a hall. Expect it soon on my website. I’m really glad to be among the people that had a chance to use the frame that previously was tested only by its designer.