About me

My name is Peter, however, in the world of quad racing I am also known as Kasper. I’m glad that you’ve visited my website. I have been wondering for a long time how my website should look like and what should or shouldn’t  appear on my website’s homepage. I have researched many websites and finally decided that I will post the updates about the production of the machines that I build for myself and for my clients, as well as write-ups about especially interesting machine servicing projects.

For many years I had worked as a sales and service manager in the quad hobby store. I was directly interacting with customers and responsible for servicing all types of riding and flying quad models, from drones to airplanes. Knowledge and experience acquired during those years allowed me to successfully build the quad racing machines. The Team RC Air Force member and I are using these quad racing machines during various racing competitions. It would be my pleasure to share the experience and knowledge in building your dream racing, recreational or training machine. I would gladly share my advice with all those modelling enthusiasts who do not know yet what it all about, and need help in making the right decision.

The sky is the limit …