Pagoda 2 and MicroVee from

Just before the Polish editionof FAI world cup in Gdynia – Bartek from sent me some fresh antennas MicroVee with u.FL connector, that fits both: ImmersionRC Tramp and TBS Unify. I had just a little time to make some nice photos, but actually those doesn’t matter. It’s how they work! And after the championships I can say with full responsibility that ... Read More »

DemonRC Fury frame review

Couple of weeks ago I got a package from the DemonRC store. What I found inside was DRC Fury which Adam (the owner) sent me for this review. Frame was designed for fast track racing and freestyle. True X construction and great proportions ensure it’s excellent weight distribution, which results in perfect quad flying as the pilot wants. The market ... Read More »

Cobra Champion 2205/2300kv motors review

The motors for this review were delivered directly by: Cobra Systems I recently received a test and review package of the new Cobra Champion 2205 2300kv motors. Previously I have been using  Cobra CM2204 2300kv, now I am permanently flying with racer quads, which are equipped with 2205 engines. The review I made was based on experiences with other motors on which I had the ability ... Read More »

RACH 5″ – racing frame from HD AirStudio

Kuba from HD Air Studio gave me the production version of RACH 5 frame for testing. Since I’m not a big fan of tower frames, at first, I was quite skeptical about the design of the quad. Once my package was delivered, I started to unbox it impatiently. Up to now I used to fly quads with a typical XT ... Read More »

EMAX RS2205 – 4S static trust test

Due to courtesy of the store I received for testing engines EMAX RS2205 2300kv. Below is static test on Turnigy Thrust Stand on 4S battery. Read More »

About me

Hello, My name is Peter, however, in the world of quad racing I am also known as Kasper. I’m glad that you’ve visited my website. I have been wondering for a long time how my website should look like and what should or shouldn’t  appear on my website’s homepage. I have researched many websites and finally decided that I will ... Read More »

Qx80 – that is the fly in the winter

I’ve received a small, brushed quadrocopter for testing and review courtesy of You can find it on their website as Fluoreon QX80 80mm Mini RC Quadcopter Frame Kit – PNF. Contrary to what the photos of the product suggest, it’s almost ready to fly on arrival, all you have to do is install the micro-receiver & configure it in ... Read More »